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Yasuko started her training in Yuzen kimono painting when she was 19 in Kyoto, Japan.  Yuzen is a Japanese traditional resist dye technique to paint silk kimono fabric. 

There are more than 20 processes in the making of the Yuzen kimono fabric, but Yasuko was particularly drawn to coloring the work after the draft of the pattern was traced on the fabric.

Japanese aesthetic tradition is deeply rooted in nature and its expressions through the four beautiful seasons.  Throughout her career as a Yuzen colorist she immersed herself in the world of traditional designs of flowers, greens, mountains and water.  She also worked for a modern kimono designer to color his original designs. 

 As a young girl, Yasuko was fascinated by colors and always loved to play with coloring books.  After having a break-through and profound life-changing experiences through the work of dream analysis in her thirties, she started to create her own painting with Gansai watercolor and named her work 'Nurie na e' / Yasuko’s Coloring.  She loves to look up to the sky and feel the seasons in the wind, and paints her dreams into the colors.

Her paintings reveal the subtle gradation of colors that appear in traditional Yuzen kimono paintings, but they also have a unique mix of lyrical and playful qualities.

Yasuko also studied Jazz theory and enjoys playing piano.  She lives in a small town near Kyoto, Japan with her husband who is an amateur jazz singer.





Photos of Yasuko in 80's, coloring Yuzen Kimono fabric at a workshop in Kyoto.

Kimono fabric is about 13 to 15 yard and it's painted accordingly to each part of kimono construction.

First photo - top front or 'uwamae', second photo - a narrow panel on the front called 'okumi'.  (Learn more about the names of kimono parts.)



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