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Haori / yuzen pattern with gold trimmed mums



Haori is shorter than a regular sized kimono, and it's worn over a kimono, like a jacket is worn over regular western clothes. There's also 'michiyuki', which is more like an overcoat because it can be worn over kimono and haori.

I found this haori many years ago at the shop called Ragstock when I was living in Minneapolis. They had a section of used kimono, haori, and obi. When I first discovered this, I was delighted to see something very beautiful from my motherland, Japan, but at the same time it was almost shocking for me to see the condition those kimonos were in.  

There must be some kind of regulation that an imported used kimono has to be cleaned before it's distributed, so it looked like it had been washed, but obviously NOT pressed after the wash.  Many of the kimonos I saw at Ragstock were severely wrinkled.  When I first saw this one, I thought, "What in the world they did to this kimono?!" To be honest, I was offended! There's a traditional method to wash kimono, and in modern times it's always dry-cleaned. In Japan, kimono is very carefully handled and cherished, so I had never seen such a sad-looking kimono all in my life. 

But still I couldn't resist buying some of the pretty ones, and this haori was one of them.  Some of them were actually in OK condition, with only minor wrinkles, though some permanent stains, color changes, and holes are normal for these vintage kimonos.  After being carefully ironed, this haori looked fine to be transformed into some little things that can be used in our everyday life.

The picture above is the haori taken apart into sleeves, a body, and a collar.  So in my next post I will start to describe the process of making 'Kimono Bag - Gold Trimmed Mums'.


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