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About Ichiyo


Ichiyo 一葉


My name is Yuko, and I am originally from Japan.  My first experience of Zen practice was when I was 16, and since then my life has been guided and nurtured by the spiritual teachings. The connections I made through my Zen practice brought me to the US with my husband and two children more than 20 years ago.

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I named my business, Ichiyo – One Leaf Dharma Supplies & Crafts, after Ichiyo Kannon.

Kannon (in Japanese; Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit; Guanyin in Chinese) is a Buddhist deity of compassion, who is known to have many different characteristics.  There are thirty-three forms and names of Kannon, and Ichiyo Kannon is one of them.

The Japanese word, ‘ichi’ (一) means one, and ‘yo’ (葉) means leaf.  The word yo is also associated with a flower petal.  The typical images of Ichiyo Kannon show the deity standing or sitting on a petal of a lotus flower.

There is a mythical story about Dogen Zenji, a Japanese Soto Zen master who traveled to China to practice.  On his way back from China when his boat was shipwrecked Ichiyo Kannon appeared to tame the troubled sea and saved him.  

In Japan Ichiyo Kannon is enshrined along the shore to protect people from water-related accidents.



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